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Children learning

Welcome to the PBIS Sustainability Academy. Below you will find materials and resources for this year’s trainings.

Sustaining Schools

Baily Elementary School (Lowell), Brickett Elementary School (Lynn), Elmwood Elementary School (Hopkinton), Hood Elementary School (Lynn), Hopkinton Elementary School (Hopkinton), John F. Kennedy Elementary School (Randolph), John Parker Middle School (Taunton), Marathon Elementary School (Hopkinton), Martin Middle School (Taunton), Mulcahey Elementary School (Taunton), Sullivan Middle School (Lowell)


  • September Coaches Meeting – Academy Structure, Sustainability, Prep for November Logic Model Activity
  • November Team Training (Optional) – Goal Setting, Evaluation Plan, Logic Model Sharing, Classroom Systems
  • December Coaches Meeting – Feedback/Input Surveys, Evaluation Planning, TFI Self Eval Prep, PBIS Assessment Coordinator
  • February Coaches Meeting - Data Routines/Evaluation, De-escalation Strategies to keep Behavior from going Downhill, Discussing Race, Racism and Important Current Events with Students, TFI Review, Prep for March Poster Presentation
  • March Coaches Meeting - Supporting Staff and Embedded Professional Development, PBIS Annual Evaluation and Planning for Next Year, and Sharing: Poster Session
  • May Coaches Meeting - Goal Planning for next year; Review: Annual Evaluation and Coaches Year at a Glance