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The Social, Emotional, and Behavior Academy adopts a two-pronged model of support composed of Targeted Coaching and Learning Opportunities.

Targeted coaching includes onsite meetings; needs assessment, prioritization, and planning; monthly targeted coaching; and ongoing support. Learning opportunities include academy-wide in-person convenings; peer learning calls; webinars; and on-site professional development. Please note that peer learning calls, webinars, and on-site professional development are encouraged but not required.






Targeted Coaching

Each school and district team is matched with a SEB Academy coach based on the team’s specific goals and needs. Teams meet monthly with coaches. Our coaching approach is equity-focused, differentiated, collaborative, and relationship-based. Our coaching follows a continuous improvement format that involves:

  • Analyzing the current landscape of systems of support
  • Identifying and prioritizing areas of growth
  • Setting goals
  • Developing action plans
  • Implementing plans
  • Monitoring progress
  • Reflecting to inform the next cycle of improvement

Our coaches also offer additional supports in addition to coaching. These can include: needs assessment and action planning support, thought-partnership, in-school/in-district professional development, resource curation, document review, material development, and more.

Learning Opportunities

Learning Opportunities are designed to support connection, support, and sharing across the Academy through shared learning experiences. We offer multiple types of learning opportunities, including:

  • In-Person Convenings: Teams connect, learn from one another, and develop an understanding of the academy’s integrated model during our two in-person academy-wide convenings each year.
  • Virtual Peer Learning Calls (PLCs)*: These lightly-facilitated virtual calls bring together teams with a common goal or focus area. They are often offered in a 3-part series.
  • Virtual Webinars*: Monthly virtual webinars are facilitated by content experts. They offer opportunities to delve more deeply into topics related to SEL, mental health, belonging, and behavior.
  • In-Person On-Site Professional Development*: These in-person events are opportunities for teams to recieve professional development for a larger audience.

*These offerings are encouraged, but not required.